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Modern networking
Share any information instantly
Make a smart investment in a great prospect - make the right impression and share any information instantly. With Tittle, your contact won't get lost: it will definitely be saved and you' ll get one in return. No apps to install. On any smartphone. Just an NFC sticker with a QR code or a plastic/metal card - the choice is yours.
Don't waste your money printing business cards that get torn, run out, and get thrown away
Make the proper impression of your company with a smart, branded business card. One touch will tell much more about you than a dialogue. Moreover, the business card allows you to accept payments

For the leaders, we have created a Premier series of cards made of metal designed to reflect your status and make a lasting impression. Pleasant bonus - a lifetime subscription to the PRO profile.
With a smart business card, networking is fast and effective. Introduce yourself and easily share contacts, social media links, and other information in one touch. Choose your own color scheme for the card and sticker or order a custom design. Be unique.
No more worries. If your pet is lost, you will be easily contacted and you will instantly know its location when the QR code on the smart Pets ID badge is scanned. The pet's profile will have all the necessary information: contacts, address, and nickname.
Your phone doesn't have NFC? Just point the camera at the QR code, and you'll have all the information you need.
Touch the phone to the card. It's done! Your contacts: mail, social networks - everything you want to share is already at the receivers phone.
No need to install anything. Just tap a business card or scan the QR code to make a profile the way others will see it.
Share information about yourself or your company and make new contacts worldwide. You can change your profile data at any time, and the PRO option gives you access to 2 profiles at once.
What you can share
Share key contacts
Share full name, phone numbers, e-mail
Social media
Choose from popular ones or post your own link.
Money Transfers
You will be able to transfer money in one touch.
Show work contacts
Company name, phone number, mail and description will remind the circumstances and purpose of the acquaintance.
Any information in text form
Hobbies, field of activity - talk about anything!
To quickly share your contact with someone who doesn't have NFC or if you just didn't bring your card with you, we've added the ability to save your business card to Wallet on your phone. Now you will always have a QR code that can be scanned by any smartphone!
Save the Card in Wallet!
Direct mode
A special feature allows you to share one social network without showing the rest of your information.
Calculate how much you save by buying a smart business card «Tittle»
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Your 1-year savings:
Your savings over 3 years of work::
Each employee hands out at least 100 paper business cards a year Start saving money
This business card makes a great impression and reflects your status, while your contact information is sure to be saved. A lifetime subscription to PRO features is already Included. Comes in a premium package with courier delivery to your door.
Tittle Premier - Made with premium stainless steel
The upgrade can be done for any product
Unlimited links
Link interaction analytics
Your company logo in addition to the photo
Double profile business and social
We got the card for business. In addition to the fact that it is a working tool, it impresses our clients and partners with its technology.
Anna Kedder
Director of El Bon restaurant chain
Unfortunately, pets are often lost, but now each will be found. Pets ID - is a smart tag with a QR code, it identifies the pet and gives access to its online profile with important information: the owner's contacts, residential address, allergies and the pet's name. This is an easy way to locate your pets all over the world. Scanning the QR code with an ordinary smartphone opens the pet's online profile and the owner receives a notification with GPS coordinates of the scan location and an accompanying message.
10% of profits will be donated to pet rescue
If your company has more than 15 employees, we can send you a pleasant commercial offer and develop a new generation of business cards with your corporate design.
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